Agile Software Development

Many organisations do not actually want or need agility. But by claiming to be agile and, at the same time, practicing an agile “cargo cult”, they harm themselves and the idea of agility in general. Instead of sticking to a broken wanna-be culture, they should look into traditional methods, which may be better suited for their situation.

When you ask a person if they, their team or their organisation is agile, you will almost always hear, “Yes, absolutely!” These days, it’s even offensive to question someone’s agility, much like if you were asking, “Did you brush your teeth this morning?”

The truth is that many organisations just pretend to be agile. What we see in reality are top-down micromanagement, “MVP” backlogs with hundreds of must-have features, artefacts being thrown over the fence, delivery taking forever, and everybody celebrating an absurd “cargo cult”.

The essence of agility

I don’t want to write an essay about agility itself here, but in order to…

Layered platforms don’t scale, and microservices aren’t much better. They are anti-agile and keep organizations from adapting to change.

This is the first article in a series on how the “verticalization” of large e-commerce platforms, and the migration to a microfrontend architecture, enables IT organizations to deliver value faster and with higher quality. The following articles will be published (and linked here) sometime in the near future.

Let’s assume we’re an international enterprise that sells a broad portfolio of goods via an e-commerce platform. The platform didn’t come out of nowhere, it has grown over the years. From a small online shop in the late nineties to the backbone of a “digital-first” enterprise that it is today. …

Alexander Günsche

Lead Architect at TUI. 17+ years of experience as Software Architect, Fullstack Developer and Agile Coach.

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